Avio came about from an obsessive passion for digital imaging and acoustics. Our objective is to give people, across Africa, access to bespoke home cinema systems that are set-up professionaly and optimised for top-notch performance. We also provide specialistic whole house and stand-alone music solutions, innovative conference room presentaton systems and digital signage solutions. Furthermore, we have something unique up our sleeves for mixing and mastering engineers.

Home Entertainment

We specialise in home cinema technology and solutions. From entry level systems to high-end state of the art dedicated cinemas. We also do ultra-big 100” to 120” screens with high performance 2.1 sound systems for entertainment rooms and living rooms.

Music Solutions

From 2.1 wireless music streaming systems to innovative whole house systems. We offer the world’s best studio monitors; renowned for their benchmark performance and used by top music and movie production houses around the world. Mixing and mastering bliss!

Commercial Systems

We are able to provide innovative big screen solutions for conference rooms, hotels and academic institutions. Call and find out about our easy to use, powerful and licence-free digital signage solutions with built-in cloud management. Talk to us about your project.

Seeing and hearing is believing, book a demo today. Demos last an hour and are conducted in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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