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Avio is a specialistic services company that provides top-tier home theater and premium music technology solutions to the domestic, hospitality, educational, diplomatic and corporate sectors. Our obsessive passion, knowledgeable approach and attention to detail is what makes us unique. We offer professional advice and a full end to end service including design, supply, installation and setup.


It's worth noting that technology, as good as it is, means nothing if it cannot be effectively integrated and optimised to meet certain standards of performance. This is what sets Avio apart from the rest: its knowledgeable, friendly and professional approach to providing bespoke solutions that inspire, excite and intrigue people. We call it an "eye, ear and emotions opener".


Our friendly and down-to-earth approach coupled with our strong interest in the science of home theatre and music technology is what defines our business culture.

eye, ear and emotions opener





Acoustic dispersion behaviour of a direct radiator across the frequency spectrum.


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