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Love makes you do crazy things, passion  just fuels it.

Since the entire concept of Avio stemmed from a passionate hobby rather than a conventional business idea, our approach to its inception was totally different.

We were not willing to tame our attitudes to conform to the typical business trend of penetrating mass markets with run-off-the-mill brands for the sake of turnover.


On the contrary, we wanted to setup up a firm that provide top-tier solutions that are proven and believed to be the best in the world. Provide a fine balance between top class, optimum performance and real value. Our experience indicates that the East African region is growing at a healthy rate, education is on the rise, people are well travelled and have gained significant international exposure. Hence, expectations have risen, tastes have changed and people are demanding the best.


Avio is all about specialistic products, a knowledge centric approach and exceptional end-results. This is complimented by sincere non-technical advice and unparalleled service. We represent specialist brands and are able to design and deploy bespoke solutions to fulfill the most discerning tastes. Our solutions are designed to provide the absolute best in home entertainment. Anything we do needs to meet and beat our own crazy expectations before we offer it to our clients. If you've read this far, we have no doubt that you're just as passionate as we are. Come over for a demo, we'd love to have your views.

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