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I went into the demo thinking i was going to experience another run of the mill 5.1 home theater set up, could not have been more wrong. I realised how much  detail is missed out when listening to other systems but this was truly an immersive experience, as though sitting in the midst of a live concert. I was taken back by the exceptional clarity and richness at all levels. The system just got louder as we cranked up the volume.... no distortion, no loss of clarity. The large cinematic image just surprised me, I repeat, it surprised me.


I would not hesitate to recommend Sam, his nerdy levels of attention to detail clearly reflect in his distinct  approach and end-results.

The experience we had was beyond anything we had expected. We felt extremely comfortable and at home in the cinematic environment you have created (the demo room). Your attention to detail and understanding of the  concept was very impressive. Our personal favourite aspect of the entire experience was the Enya track that you played for us at the start of the demo.

Well done Sam, the experience in your home theatre demo room was absolutely amazing. The clarity of the sound and visual was outstanding. Definitely a system worth buying for any enthusiast.

The gun battle scene in Rambo 4 was just insane on this system, has to be seen and heard to be believed. For the first time, I heard details in popular music tracks that I never noticed before. Be very careful before you step into this demo room, it is addictive and you will crave to join this club.

I was really impressed, returned with my some of my key staff members just to show them what home entertainment tech really means when done right.

Heshan de Silva & Gurvin Bassi (Nairobi)

Tariq Nazir (Nairobi)

Abdul Mamdani (Nairobi)

Samuel Kinoti Miriti (Nairobi)

Sakib Khan (Romania)

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