RAM Audio - State of the art of sound amplification.

MDi Series is the newest solution from RAM Audio for fixed installations, where state-of-the-art amplification technology has been used to manage acoustic systems in the most efficient and greenest way possible, without diminishing quality of sound and dynamics that have always typified RAM Audio amplifiers.

A new generation of QuantaPulse switching mode power supplies with Power Factor Correction to improve efficiency, with a schematic thought to give a very high capacity of instantaneous power, together with very evolved high efficiency audio modules in class D with an excellent quality of sound, are the basis on which RAM Audio has developed this new series that is capable of offering the most optimal solution for both commercial and domestic markets.

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Miller & Kreisal - Take the guesswork out of the mix.

Avio is proud to unveil the Miller & Kreisal studio monitors to the movie and music production industry in Africa. A rare gem that is unknown except by the talents that have been involved in running the world’s most respected sound studios. To get right to the point; these are the monitors that were used to create work for artists such as Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Tim McGraw and the list goes on and on but wait, it get’s better. 

The same monitors were used to mix and edit the sound tracks for movies such as: Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Batman, The Bodyguard, Transformers, Mission Impossible II, The Matrix Reloaded, Black Hawk Down, Star Wars (Episode 1 to 3), Pearl harbour, The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean (The Curse of the Black Pearl).


Ascendo - Ascend a little above high-end.

Audio technology has advanced significantly in the last few decades. However, Ascendo is a totally different beast, it represents the best manufacturing standards, renowned German engineering and exceptional specifications. Ascendo simply translates to outstanding sonic fidelity for reference level cinema systems. Ascendo is not only a leader but a benchmark in the world of high-end home entertainment.


Immersive 100 - Big 100 inch image and powerful sound.

The Immersive 100 solution by Avio is an integration of the finest components to provide an exhilarating big screen and big sound experience. The ultra-short throw projection provides a impressive 4K image when used in conjunction with a special high contrast screen. The slim and stylish M&K Sound on-wall speakers along with the compact subwoofer provide clear and powerful sound. The Marantz AV Receiver enables multiple sources such as Zuku, DSTV, media boxes (Netflix) and gaming consoles. Like it’s name suggests, the system is designed to immerse viewers regardless of the content being watched. Last but not least, the system can be used for music (Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Spotify, Tidal) when the screen is not in use.