Customers, enthusiasts and movie lovers have attempted to explain their own individual experiences. However, we assure you, there is absolutely no substitute for the actual experience in person. Book a demo today, we think you’ll be inspired.

“When you hear about home cinemas, people often just assume a big TV and a good set of speakers but it is so much more than that. Since seeing is believing, I would highly recommend visiting Sameer’s demo cinema to get a real feel of what it is all about. He is truly a professional in this field and will guide you through the whole process according to your budget. I do not usually write reviews but in this case it would be criminal not to. From an extremely happy home cinema owner."

-- Alack Patel, Nairobi

“I went into the demo thinking I was going to experience another run of the mill 5.1 home theater set up, could not have been more wrong. I realised how much detail is missed out when listening to other systems but this was truly an immersive experience, as though sitting in the midst of a live concert. I was taken back by the exceptional clarity and richness at all levels without any distortion or loss of clarity. The large cinematic image just surprised me."

-- Sakib Khan, London

“The experience we had was beyond anything we had expected. We felt extremely comfortable and at home in the cinematic environment you have created (the demo room). Your attention to detail and understanding of the concept was very impressive. Our personal favourite aspect of the entire experience was the Enya track that you played for us at the start of the demo."

-- Heshan de Silva, Nairobi

“The gun battle scene in Rambo 4 was just insane on this system, has to be seen and heard to be believed. For the first time, I heard details in popular music tracks that I never noticed before. Here is a word of warning for others planning to book a demo: Be very careful before you step into this demo room, it is addictive and you will crave to join the club."

-- Sam Miriti, Nairobi

“Well done Sam, the experience in your home theatre demo room was absolutely amazing. The clarity of the sound and visual was outstanding. Definitely a system worth buying for any enthusiast."

- Tariq Nazir, Nairobi

“Thank you for all your efforts Sam, we are thoroughly enjoying our cool new home theatre and the whole house music system, loads of fun for the whole family and friends. We really appreciate your attention to detail and determination to get things right from the start."

- Steve Gikera, Nairobi

“Sam has achieved first class skills in the entertainment trade. He showcases a custom movie theatre demo room that is remarkable. His audio presents the highest performance and all other components, including the massive image, match that high level of performance in a modern way. Cinema in the eighties and nineties was fair but he has outdone their output qualitatively. It is superb."

- Bernard Kimani, Nairobi

“The audio and video quality was super clear and clean, making my listening and watching experience extraordinary. The home cinema was immersive, I felt like I was part of the movie - but you have to be careful with the volume, you don’t want to scare the neighbours (LOL)."

- Yvonne Masibo, Nairobi

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sameer for the selection of video equipment for my dedicated home cinema. Even though we live on different continents, he took the time to share his informative thoughts in order to help me. We had extensive phone conversations on video projectors and processors. I found Sameer to be very well informed and am happy to provide him with this reference for his knowledge in video projectors and processors."

- Audvid, Wisconsin USA

“To me, the whole idea of a so called home cinema has always been a freaking joke until I stepped into Avio’s demo room. This is literally a full-blown cinema in a home. You need to experience it to fully understand it"

- Ivan Akatsa